3.0.7 Workshop 2

11:25 – 12:20

Workshop 2

All three workshops run simultaneously. Delegates can attend one in this timeslot and one at 10.15 as all workshops are repeated twice.

Breakout session 1: Practical anti-money laundering issues

This is NOT your annual AML training, or a routine update on red flags. Bill has raided Compliance On Call’s back catalogue for some of the practical AML issues that they have seen, providing commentary on the main problems and how they were addressed. Bill cannot help including the odd statutory reference, but the main focus will be on how to deal with real-world AML headaches.


Bill Burch

Compliance on Call Ltd

Breakout session 2: An insight into conducting investigations and navigating Russian sanctions from a forensic accounting and insolvency perspective

Nicholas and Allister discuss the recent case of Petropavlovsk PLC (In Administration). Including a summary of forensic accounting and the benefits of utilising forensics with insolvency matters, and an insight into some of the challenges faced by the Insolvency and Restructuring professionals in administering Russian assets, and adhering to the relevant sanctions regimes.


Allister Manson

Partner, Head of Technology,
Opus Business Advisory Group

Nicholas Parton

Partner, Head of Forensic Accounting,
Opus Business Advisory Group

Breakout session 3: Redundancy Payments Service update for IPs on assessing directors claims as employees for redundancy payments

This workshop will explore the Redundancy Payments Services’ approach to ensuring that it is only directors who hold employee status that can claim from the National Insurance Fund for redundancy and related payments in the event their employer enters a formal insolvency process. The workshop will look at the volume of director claims RPS receives and will help you understand the approach taken when assessing these claims. We will also be looking at some of the challenges to this approach and outcomes from recent employment tribunals.


Justin Dionne

Chief Technical Officer, Chief Executive’s Office,
The Insolvency Service

Jason Hunter

Senior Technical Advisor,
The Insolvency Service