Do I need an R3 login and ID to book onto the SPG Forum?


Yes, all event bookings require an R3 login and ID. 

I do not have an R3 ID, how do I register for the 2021 R3 SPG Forum? 


You can get an R3 ID as a non-member  here. It is instant so once you have it, you can continue with the booking process. 

I forgot my password to my R3 login, how do I reset it? 


If you are not certain about your password for your login you can reset it  here, you just need to know the email you used for your registration. 

I forgot / don’t know my R3 ID, where can I find this? 


To find out what your R3 ID is, login to My Profile and your R3 ID will be seen on the top left corner of the page.  


How do I book onto the 2021 SPG Forum? 


In a few simple steps you can book onto the 2021 SPG Forum: 


  1. Click herefor the SPG Forum booking portal 

  2. Log in to the booking portal using your registered email address and password. 

  3. The system will pre-fill your contact details based on what is entered in ‘My Profile’ and ensure you get the R3 member price if applicable 

  4. Select the registration type you want to purchase. 

  5. Review your booking and pay online via credit card. 

  6. Payment for bookings must be received before the booking can be confirmed. Your receipted invoice and payment confirmation will be emailed to you. 

What happens once I book a Group Registration for my firm? Do I register my colleagues, or do they do it themselves? 


The main booker from the firm (or one person from your firm) will need to purchase the Group registration. 


Upon purchase of a group ticket, you can then select the option “Member of Group” and add your group members that way. Please note you will need to know all individual R3 ID numbers to complete this process. However,  if you are unsure of this you can email us at events@r3.org.uk and we can provide the R3 ID of your colleagues.  


If you are unsure at time of purchase who are your group members you can purchase the group ticket and provide the group members after, the events team will be in touch with the main booker.  


Each individual will need to be registered in your group so that R3 will be able to supply them a unique login to access the virtual 2021 SPG Forum platform and all the associated content/sessions. All staff will need to register by COB Friday 29 October, in order to get the joining instructions in time.  


To be registered in a group, each individual will need an R3 login/ID, if they do not already have one, they can register here

How does the Multibuy ticket - 2 to 4 individual tickets-20% Off work? Can a Non-Member book this ticket? 


The multibuy ticket is a great offer at the 2021 SPG Forum, it is for a minimum of 2 and up to 4 people, just select 2,3 or 4 tickets and add the discount code MULTIBUY at checkout to access 20% off. 

Please note if you select only one ticket the purchase will be void as this is an offer for a minimum of 2 individuals. 

Can we invite our clients or friends to take the spare spaces if no one from our firm can attend? 


No - the group firm ticket can only be given out to people within the same firm. 

If I buy an individual registration, can I upgrade to a Group Registration? 


Yes - but you will need to contact the Events Team on  events@r3.org.uk  for us to manually update your booking. 

I am interested in becoming an R3 Member – how do I do this? 


Please visit our members page here to find out further information and to sign up. 

Will the sessions of the 2021 R3 SPG Forum be recorded? 


Yes, and they will be saved on the Virtual Platform under “Live Session Recordings” until the end of December 2021.

Do I need to pay online with a credit/debit card? 


Yes, you do – we can only send invoices in special circumstances, and it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To enquire further, please contact  events@r3.org.uk 

Do I need to register to attend the sessions separately? 


No - all sessions are included in the registration. Once you buy your ticket, you have access to all the sessions. 

Have you got any other events or training courses coming up? 

For all events coming up, please visit our events page here 

For all our training courses coming up, please visit the Training Academy website here.  

For further enquiries, please contact  events@r3.org.uk 


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